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Women Space, within our Anti-fascist Studies course, organized a lecture Culture of Remembrance and Revisionism – Italian Example: Liberation Day and Memorial Day of Istria and Dalmatia Italian victims on December 23rd 2013. With this event, we continue to point out the dangers of historical revisionism and minimizing of the importance of the anti-fascist struggle.

milovanChanges within the remembrance policies both abroad and in Serbia can be also seen through comparing commemorations of two important days in Italy: April 25th, the Day of Liberation from Nazi Fascism and February 10th, Remembrance Day of Italian Victims in Istria and Dalmatia. Connections between these two dates indicate the political change that Italy, along with majority of European countries, has undergone during the past few years. Coming of the right wing into power means that less attention is paid to anti-fascism, whereas at the same time fascism is being rehabilitated either openly or quietly. Manifestations, public events, school lectures were used to mark April 25th until mid 1990’s, and all these are used to commemorate February 10th i.e. nationalistic celebration of the “Italian lands lost”: Istria and Dalmatia. Such change comes as a result of a political decision into which historical science has not been neither consulted, nor taken into account.

This topic was presented by historian Milovan Pisarry Ph.D.

Audio recording of this event can be heard here.

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