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Roma Women Network (RWN), which is comprised out of 25 Roma women organizations from entire Serbia, started this year’s Campaign in Belgrade on March 8th by joining the Women in Black March 8th protest march. By giving sisterly support to the event and in the light of the upcoming parliamentary elections Roma women of Serbia sent a public message to the politicians in the form of a question “Who represents our interests?!


This message, put forward to the politicians and decision makers foremostly, relates to the complete lack of topics regarding Roma women problems within the political parties’ programs that took place within the pre-electoral race.

Campaign Month of Roma Women Activism represents a joint activity of Roma Women Network that takes place between two, for us very important, dates – March 8th International Women Day and April 8th International Roma Women and Men Day. This year campaign will be conducted under the slogan: “FOR Active Participation of Roma Women within the Public and Political Life” we will try and motivate women from our community to utilize their rights and become involved within the social, public and political mainstream that can influence betterment of their living condition. At the same time we will direct broader public attention to the extent of which social and state institutions, as creators of daily politics, remain closed and disinterested for Roma women issues and problems and thus withhold and cause damage to the rights of Roma women to take part within the public and political life.


Photographs from Campaign opening can be seen here.

Map of the planned and implemented actions within Month of Roma Women Activism Campaign 2014 can be seen here.


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