Saturday, 20. July 2024.

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Within its Anti-Fascist Studies Course III, Women Space continues to cover topics on the conditions for creating fascist regimes and possibilities of strengthening resistance of contemporary antifascist movements.

This year second lecture will deal with recognizing fascism in its core form, but also compromises done due to human need to satisfy all of the senses. Are these methods, but also needs themselves sole construction in order to create and perpetuate the society of spectacle? Who benefits from the spectacle and what is its purpose?

Within the societies of the spectacle where modern production conditions prevail, life is represented as an accumulation of images, names, commodities. All that was once directly experienced is now removed into a show.

As posited by Deleuze and Guattari identity structure represents a fascist structure.

In each of us there is a small fascist, I-fascist, identity fascist, name fascist, commodity and territory fascist. A hallucination on depth fascist. And contrasted to this depth hallucination fascist Wonderland remains a land of pure events and the first thing to abolish in Wonderland is depth. Cards are alive and living beings are at the surface.

Topic will be delivered by Prof. Jelisaveta Blagojević, Ph.D.

Lecture is scheduled for Saturday, April 5th at the Media Centre Nis at 16.00h.


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