Tuesday, 25. June 2024.

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In the eve of the International Women Day, Roma Women Network activists opened fourth in a row campaign Month of Roma Women Activism with an event entitled Coffee with Roma Women Network.

This year Campaign celebratory kick off happened in the Belgrade's central Progres Gallery on March 7th with Roma activists recount of difficult Roma women position in Serbia but also, in accordance with this year campaign theme All That I Am, talked about their different identities and showed the multitude of their possibilities.  Dozen of Network activists presented themselves, their careers and their activism, thus presenting the entire Network.

All that I am is the title of the Campaign 2013 since RWN activists intend over the entire campaign duration – March 8th through April 8th, with a series of individual actions throughout Serbia, to present the richness and fullness of Roma women personality especially the fact that they are not only members of Roma nation, which is oftentimes the most obvious fact to all, but also being sucessful workers, experts, students, homemakers and many other identities. 


More over, the event at the Progres Gallery was an opportunity to show to the public fifteen of the most successful graphic works that arrived after the open call for this year campaign poster.

Opening also hosted activists from the women's movement and several journalists. Some people came from the street attracted by the poster and event's title.

We wish to thank everybody who came and thus supported us. Keep following our activities please!

A glimpse of the opening atmosphere can be seen at the gallery!

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