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Women Space, with support of Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung, this year organizes another Antifascist Studies course in Niš. The course will comprise of a series of lectures, presentations, workshops and film projections followed by discussions – all aiming to cherish and promote antifascist history and values.

afastud2013This alternative course is for all and open to those that desire to spread their theoretical knowledge in history, sociology, philosophy and to become involved in activism. Studies are especially targeting individuals residing in  Niš and South Serbia. Topics will include: history of anti fascism in our country, different views about antifascist heritage of Serbia and current state governed history revisionism, questions about the Left in Serbia, relations of the left and feminism, anarchism, etc. Lecturers will include notable professors and the events are divided into two segments: the first will be done during May and June whereas second part will be organized in September and October. In the meanwhile we will organize film projections themed with anti fascism.

The course is absolutely free of charge and Women Space can support a limited number of participants by covering their travel expenses if traveling to Niš for the purpose of attending course events. After course completion students will receive a certificate issued by Women Space.

The studies are to begin on May 20th 2013 and will be organized on Fridays afternoons. Precise schedule will be sent to all applied participants via e-mail as well as a detailed list of lectures (a detailed list of lectures will be available at Women Space web site). Following the lectures we plan to have discussions where we expect active participations from all participants. Regular attendance is desirable, both at the lectures and other events around this course. Interested in receiving the certificate need to be present at least six lectures and write a short essay on topic of their choice within three months of course completion. Best works will be published.

In order to enroll you need to send an e-mail application to zp(at) not later than May 17th 2013. Your application needs to contain basic data: name, studies, interests and short explanations about your intrests in participating in this course and what are your expectations from the course.

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