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Within the new Antifascist Studies course, Women Space organizes lecture by Gordana Stojaković: Women work in socialism and female workers position today on June 1st 2013. The event will be held in Public’ Library Stevan Sremac at 13.30h.


Goal of this lecture is to indicate a part of emancipator policies for economic empowerment of women through selected examples of Vojvodina women entrance into the economy of socialist Yugoslavia printed within Antifascist Women Front (AWF) publications from 1945 through 1950. Women work will be shown within the context of their daily lives with special attention to the position of working mothers. Analysis relates to the said period as AWF organizations –both those in villages and that of the umbrella AWF organization of Yugoslavia achieved their maximum during those years. 

On this occasion – instead of communist, AWF leaders stories and other front organizations – stories of women from Vojvodina will be given and these women had no political party function: tractor drivers, milkers, cooperative workers, forewomen, brigadiers, sportswomen. Moreover, prof. Stojaković will present the research results of working women (and men) rights at present. This research is based on interviews collected by the legal counseling organized by the group S.T.R.I.K.E during 2011.

Audio recording of the lecture can be heard here.

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