Tuesday, 25. June 2024.

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Following the recent closure of Winter Olympic Games in Sochi and numerous reactions from the human rights defenders that followed both the preparation and the Olympics itself and all regarding legitimization of the repressive Russian regime, the question of possible international activities impact remains open, regardless if these are related to sport or abolishment of repression and establishment of human rights within a sovereign state.


Russia, seen as one of contemporary repressive states, despite international community demands and pressure put on multinational companies, has not changed its policies regarding LGBT individuals and the world large capital owners – despite pressures – have not backed down from the achieving profit policies first and foremost, regardless of human rights issues. Core question that is put forward here is whether this Olympic Games contain any similarities with the 11th Olympics held in 1936 Berlin? Has human kind moved from possibilities to recognize fascism in its original shape or is it ready to make concessions for the sake of spectacle? Who benefits from the spectacle and what is its purpose?

Audio recording of this event can be heard here

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