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The Association of citizens Women Space this year also marks the International Day of Fight against Fascism through organizing a series of activities during the Week of Fight against Fascism form 3 to 9 November, 2014.


Activities that will be performed during the Week include lectures, workshops and socializing with the aim of cherishing and promoting antifascist history and values and are intended for and open to all who want to expand their theoretical knowledge of history, sociology, philosophy, and practical application of creative ideas - as well as for those who want to become involved in activism.

Current events in Serbia: revision of history, erasing the memories of words and deeds of the key people in current political scene those people who never had to account for their roles in war crimes and state plundering, changing the law to negate human rights of citizens, suffocating of freedom of the media, creating party state, as well as global devastation of freedom under the oppression of neoliberal capitalism – all equal to our social reality. Those who raise their voices against these processes are faced with numerous threats and violence. The discussion with Staša Zajović, an activist of Women in Black peace organization, with the topic of the Defenders of Human Rights under the attacks of Fascism, will give us the insight into the state of human rights defenders’ safety, and the ways of survival of the critical thought nowadays.

The discussion on the subject of Normalizing Fascism in our time, with a sociologist Đokica Jovanović, PhD will remind us of recent significant cultural events in our country that falsify socialism or equate chetniks with partisans. Falsification of Belgrade liberation, commemoration of racists in our culture and other dominant discourses show us the pervasive attitude of state representatives in all areas of social life. What is the response of the antifascists? The discussion will be held on Tuesday, 4 November, starting at 4 pm in Media Center Niš.

There are 429 animal species living in Serbia that are believed to be on the verge of extinction. On a global scale, ‘’the Black Book’’ has been formed to register thousands of animal species that were regrettably forever eradicated by humankind. Serbia has contributed to this book with 4 species that lived in this area but are now extinct. What is our relationship to animals that are not human and whether there lies the answer to humankind problems? The discussion entitled Fascism of Humankind will be held by long-term activists form our city: Aleksandra Žikić, Ekofemina group and Ana Zorbić, Women Space.

The Memorial to our antifascist predecessors: Women peace and feminist movement between two world wars, on the very date of the International Day of Fight against Fascism, on Sunday, 9 November, is a discussion dedicated to correcting historical injustice to women and left movement: neglecting the existence of feminist and peace workers in Yugoslavia, with the heritage of women’s efforts since the 19th century. There were numerous feminist and anti-war activities of peace workers in Yugoslavia during the 20s and 30s of the last century, all evenly spread throughout all parts of Yugoslavia. Among these, the founding of the first Women’s Party, as well as the Congress of International League of Women for Peace and Liberty held in Belgrade in 1924. With the intent to recognize continuity and similarity to feminist and peace movement today, we will be lead through the discussion by a historian Gordana Stojaković, PhD one of the founders of S.T.R.I.K.E group from Novi Sad.

We are looking forward to your visit!

All of the activities were supported by Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung.

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