Saturday, 20. July 2024.

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Within the global campaign 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence, we had a working meeting entitled Political Message and Building of Roma Feminism in EU Parliament based in Brussels on November 17th and 18th. The meeting gathered Roma women feminists from 10 European countries and Soraya Post – a member of the European Parliament and representative of the Swedish Feminist Initiative party.

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Public hearing was organized within the European Parliament on November 18th entitled Violence against Roma women from the perspective of Roma women, feminists, activists, theorists and politicians from Sweden, Finland, Spain, Moldavia, Romania, Hungary, Serbia, Macedonia and Albania. Our host, aside from Ms. Post, was a chief of MEP group Socialists and Democrats. MEPs of both sexes had a chance to hear the public statement on all forms of violence against Romani women and girls that was published in European Parliament on December 10th thus marking the International Human Rights Day and at the same time serves as a reminder of the Roma women difficult position within the EU member states and expresses demands to the member states so that Roma women position can be improved.

[Poster Violence against women from a Romawomen perspective]

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