Saturday, 20. July 2024.

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In the scope of Month of Roma Women Activism campaign, 11 young Roma women have decided to ask their families, communities and the whole society, questions about the choices in their own lives, and also to initiate all of us to think about the existence of choices in general.

Do we have a choice if everything is already pre-set and limited?

Why choices can just be made between two options: to get married or to be alone, to be obedient or be denounced, to be uneducated or to go through continuous fight to prove that you are like others...?

Our lives are confined to decisions that always involve constant adjustment to the expectations of families, environment, society, and in all spheres of our lives - in love, concerns related to our bodies and our health, education, work, social life, politics...

How can we be ourselves in a society that is not tailored for us?

Do you recognize yourselves? What are the choices you made?



Film - JA HOĆU DA IMAM IZBOR from on Vimeo.

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