Saturday, 20. July 2024.

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Women Space, with the support of Open Society Foundations Human Rights Initiative, initiated the series of discussions in Roma and LGBT communities in Serbia and the region on the theme of diversity within Roma and LGBT communities. With these activities, we want to emphasize the intersectionality of discrimination based on race, ethnicity, sex, gender, sexual orientation, class, place of residence, age, health status and other personal characteristics. The society we are living in is faced with racism and homophobia, and LGBT persons of Roma nationality experience psychological, physical, economic and/or sexual violence, as well as the threats that are aiming to maintain a sense of fear, helplessness and invisibility.

We opened the theme in six cities in Serbia, in Niš, Belgrade, Novi Sad, Novi Bečej, Leskovac and Bela Palanka, and in the cities of the region: Sarajevo, Zagreb, Skopje and Podgorica. In addition to the workshops in these cities, we will organize a promotion of the book Džuvljakre-Roma lesbian existence, by Vera Kurtić, published by Women Space and the European Centre for Human Rights, Budapest.

Discussions are opened not only for members of Roma and/or LGBT population, but also for all those fighting against discrimination and prejudice.


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