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The extreme right today gathers groups and individuals that have exaggerated in their conservatism and nationalism, even to the taste of the "regular" right we see in all parliamentary democracies now. The mainstream policy theory states that extreme right also produces the existence of the extreme left. Is the contemporary resistance to the extreme right also extreme political action? What are the consequences of such understanding of existence and sprouting of new antifascist groups in Ex Yu? Does the attitude that antifascist organizing and acting is an extremism leading to the criminalization of fascist resistance and diminishing of right wing extremism danger towards the entire society?

Who is that truly belongs to the contemporary antifascist movement? Do nongovernmental organizations and citizens groups fighting for human rights necessarily belong to the antifascist movement? What are the critical issues within the movement itself?

These questions will be discussed within our Antifascist Studies course with Dario Milenković, sociologist and antifascist activist on June 30th, 2012.


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